Summit Bid Reveal?!?!

When we left off, Annelise’s team was slaying their competition & in the running for AN ACTUAL SUMMIT BID! (Summit = the highest echelon of all-star cheer competitions! Super prestigious, you must *earn* bids. It’s in May at DISNEY!)

The bid reveal was streamed nationally:

:-O Heat got a coveted at-large Summit bid at our first eligible at-large comp, *AND* we just found out Heat had the highest score of the ENTIRE competition this last Sat!!! OUT OF 85 TEAMS!!! :-O This team is something special, AND WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!!! #cryinghappy #disneybound #adrenalinestrong #feeltherush

The longer, full reveal:

Annelise cried-happy intermittently all night! This is such a bucket-list cheer dream come true!!! So many people cheer for years & years without ever earning a bid. And for them to have done so this early in the season??? At the very first competition offering at-large bids? It takes that pressure off & allows them the chance to keep adding difficulty to their routine. Excited for competition this Saturday!


  1. SOOOO excited for y'all!!!! Congratulations to Annelise and the whole team (moms included ;)!!


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