Good Stuff

Good stuff:

•Will had his 8th Grade Dance the other Saturday night. Boys are much more laissez-faire about this stuff. :-P (Will literally puts more effort into his Game Day attire during football season - he always wears a tie or bowtie those days!) His crew went to eat at Überrito, and another mom dropped them off at the dance. They say they danced a little, but they really spent most of the time at the CASINO! :-D As evidenced by the pics the school took & sent to all the parents this week:

•I was honored to be asked to teach Zumba to the junior high choir classes for their Latin music unit! Even the boys totally got into it! Sooo fun:

•Annelise applied & got accepted into Publications (yearbook - highly competitive class!) as a 7th grader for this next year:

•JB & I actually worked out together this last weekend!!! It was AWESOME to have him watch my form & lift heavy. I’ve also been trying SurfSet - a class where we do some strength & cardio on a surfboard that’s unstably situated on top of 3 balance balls. Y’all, I did a HEADSTAND on it!!! (It didn’t last long, but enough to be digitally captured! :-D)

•Annelise & I found a Hamilton photo filter! (Too bad we didn’t have it last Wednesday!)

•Excited for the D2 Summit THIS WEEKEND!!! I go back-and-forth b/t thinking: “We’ve been prepping for 6 months, & it’s finally here!” and “OMIGOSH! It’s already THIS weekend!” Pray for travel mercies, good attitudes in an EXTREMELY HIGH STRESS situation, grace for each other, good weather, protection on site, our girls focused & hitting their absolute best cheer routine(s) of the year, and ease for my mom & Bonnie Blue beagle (she turned 16 on Monday!) here at home while we’re there. ❤️

We have an at-large bid, so Annelise’s team competes Saturday afternoon. (The Wild Card teams compete Friday for a chance to join us Saturday. Only 4 will out of those 37.) If we’re top 12 out of 43 on Saturday, we go to the finals on Sunday. (If not, we go enjoy Disney. No one has ever wanted to miss out on the parks more! :-D) If you want to check in on the event this weekend, it’s here. We’re SS2.


  1. I am so impressed by you on that surfboard!! That would have been a royal disaster for me, even just trying to stand upright on it!!!

    Thanks for explaining a little bit about how Summit works. I feels so nervous yet excited for y'all!!

    1. 3 days of Summit recaps coming!!!

      (& you just motivated me to go back to SurfSet Thurs!)


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