Thanksgiving Nature Walk + Outdoor Aerial & SurfSet

Our family enjoyed the quietest Thanksgiving week I think we’ve ever had! For just the 2nd year, our school district gave the kids the entire week off; we didn’t travel anywhere or entertain any company - we just went along with life as normal, for the most part. Each kid ended up with one day where they did something fun with a friend, and then JB also took each kid to a movie of their choice one-on-one, without the other sibling. (That was huge, b/c they literally cannot be in the same room without one annoying the other these days. #pray :-P)

On Thanksgiving afternoon, Annelise & I took Bailey on the prettiest walk along one of the nature trails close to our house! (I posted these pics on FB & had so many people ask where we were traveling, just b/c it was so lovely! :-D)

On Saturday morning, Annelise did aerial yoga & I did SurfSet with friends *out in the median of a main road* here to show off our local boutique gym for Small Business Saturday! Loved being out there in front of everyone! :-D
[See, this gym is literally across the street from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!
(It’s like I’m pointing to the promised land! :-P :-D)]


  1. We have been through those periods of sibling "tension" so I know of what you speak!! Thankfully they happen much less frequently now.

    Love all the pics!!! Glad y'all enjoyed your Thanksgiving week!


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