Proud Summer Start

Proud of Will: for a summer project, he wanted to create a custom pair of hydro dipped Vans. He researched how to do it, bought everything for it, and did it himself. They look amazing!!! He should take orders...

Proud of Annelise: her BFF Annika ran her own little summer day camp for two days last summer; it was a hit, so she wanted to expand this year and invited Annelise to partner with her & split everything (cost of materials + profits) 50/50. They planned crafts & activities for almost two months; they had 9 kids for two days one week & 11 kids for two days the following week. They were exhausted, but it was such a success! (And they made some MAJOR $$$! :-O)

Will returned from church Kamp the first week of June with no voice, full heart, & fresh inspiration for the future. #futurecounselor

Weekends with Bailey: we’ve gotten in the habit of taking her with us to mini golf + walk around a park, followed by lunch at an outdoor-seating restaurant (she doesn’t beg!), and inspecting our latest house-building developments:
[She was hot, so she sat *in* the lake! :-P]
[We got termite protection spray (the green) &
insulation last week. Brick *THIS* week...]


  1. Looks like y'all have had a fun, busy start to the summer!!


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