COVID Chronicles

When you go in on your own to sing for online church...and your fam texts you a selfie “all together” from the couch :-D #coronachurch

Walking. Not my #1 fave alone, but without literal group fitness, walks have been my quarantine movement of choice. I love the fresh air, the PERFECT southeast Texas spring weather (65°-85°F), listening to podcasts (I’d never listen otherwise) along the way, & blessing Bailey beagle beyond words! ❤️

I first thought I’d want to try lots of different paths - nope. Bay & I always end up on our same 4-mile route, always ~1 hour:
I love seeing sweet things like baby ducklings & trees full of loquats:
My favorite things are when Bay mouths these plants (she only opens her mouth when we walk by *these*)
and the SUPER RARE times Annelise actually comes with:

22 years together, 18 years married this month! ❤️ I put the 18 gorgeous anniversary roses JB sent in front of my place on the couch #whereiexistnow to maximize my olfactory enjoyment:

Bailey beagle LOVES a whipped cream cup at our bubble tea drive-thru! #dailyhighlight

My nails have grown sooo beautifully, being out of the gym & not breaking them on dumbbells & weight plates! I just had to share visual proof before chopping them all off, b/c they hurt now & get in my way :-P

Thankful for:
•the first little tan I’ve had in years on my arms & face (from walking! I’m actually out of the gym!)
•the smell of jasmine on our walks
•trying headstands for the first time in years...and rocking them!!! Like holding for over a minute!!!
•teaching my first live private quarantine PiYo class online - it was shocking how much it made me feel like *myself* (scheduled now for once a week)
•awesome TV shows, esp. “Call the Midwife” & “World on Fire” on PBS and “Top Chef” on Bravo
•that school will officially not return this grading year – that gives me sooo much more peace!

Up next: Annelise’s quarantined 14th!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Those are beautiful roses! I'm doing lots of walking in our neighborhood these days, too - and God has also gifted us with beautiful weather this spring so we can enjoy being outside. Have a great day, my sweet friend!!


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