Quaran-teen Birthday

Annelise turned 14 the end of April. ❤️ And honestly, being quarantined made it more precious: instead of ultimately-parent-organized hoopla, she had 5 different BFFs who just made the effort to come by & (distantly) connect - it was the 1st time she’d seen all but 1 in person since early March, and that they took the initiative to come by meant so much to her! She had made herself a birthday cake, so every BFF was sent home with a big slice, and yes, the day began with a T-rex! :-D

She said this was actually preferable to anything she would have had otherwise. She’s like me in that she loves her friends, being social, & getting together, but she *doesn’t* like to host. This was awesome, because her true friends made the effort to come over to say hi & drop off tiny treats, and she didn’t have to be a birthday party hostess.

One cool thing of note: a little boutique gym where an instructor BFF of mine taught closed down in February (pre-corona) and they were getting rid of all of their equipment. They sold their yoga trapeze rigs to my BFF, so we had her claim the last one for Annelise’s bday; now she & my BFF’s daughter can video doing tricks & little workouts to each other (and so can my BFF & I when the girls aren’t around! ;-)) Hoping this makes Annelise want to move her body a bit...but I’m pretty sure she’s just going to use it as a hammock...


  1. Awww, I'm so glad she had a good birthday!! She's such a beautiful young lady!!


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