Back to School

The kids started back to school on August 19 - 9th & 11th grades:
Same school for the first time in 3 years...but it’s not like that matters, because it’s inside our house! :-D Our whole district began the first 3 weeks of school online; now on Tuesday, part of our district will go back in person, while the rest stay virtual. It was each family’s individual choice, and we have chosen to stay online. 60% of our high school is staying online, while 40% will go back in person on Tuesday. Here are the numbers, for those who are curious. Keep in mind, our district is HUGE - over 80,000 kids - and our high school alone has over 3,700 = that’s more than twice the size of my & JB’s college!!! If we lived in a smaller community and had a much smaller school, we may have considered sending them back in person; but with even only 40% going back + all of the teachers & staff, that’s still well over 2,000 people in their school building every day – how is that any different than constantly attending a large group event, which is clearly one of the most dangerous things you can do? We did ask both of the kids what they thought, as well, and they both agreed. Will has been surprisingly Covid-conscious and risk-averse throughout the pandemic. Annelise said it wasn’t right for us to take up class spaces in person when we have computers, good internet, and a mom who can stay home with us; why would we put the extra risk of our presence on the teachers who have to go back in person? I was really proud of her for acknowledging on her own the sacrifices the teachers are having to make to be there in person, that there are kids without reliable technology, with both parents who work outside the home, & kids with special needs who need to be there in person way more than we do, and that we don’t need to add to anyone’s risk factor by adding 2 more students right now. We’re definitely open to going back in person at some point this year, if things change.

You may have noticed above, but the only interesting family development in the last month other than school starting is that Annelise dyed her hair:
I lovelovelove her natural blonde, but if she wants a change, this red is absolutely the best! It’s so much fun, and it’s definitely something she could not have done while she was cheering.

StudioSmile is still fulfilling my heart for others & fitness. I added a Chair Yoga class for people who want a more stationary experience: those stuck at work who just need to stretch, those recovering from injury/surgery/illness - even from Covid with diminished lung capacity & stamina, people of ALL ages & abilities.

So, yeah: life here pretty much consists of the kids doing online school, me teaching StudioSmile, JB going into work, & me walking the dog once or twice a day. But I don’t hate it at all! I don’t feel trapped. I don’t feel deprived. I am actually completely reveling in having no ability to do “all the things.” I rarely take it easy unless I’m forced, and I am loving having the myriad of options (& self-imposed pressure to do them ALL!) off the table!


  1. Oh my goodness - my girls would LOVE Annelise's hair color!!! Haley's done a few subtle purply/pink stripes before, but with working at Chick-fil-A now, they only want employees to have natural hair colors. Cassie just got hers colored before she went back to college, and it's a reddish - almost maroon, to me - color, but her college also has rules about hair colors, so it's not too far off from a natural color.

    Glad online school is going okay! So far, so good for both our girls being in-person. The college has only had one student case and two employee cases; the school hasn't had any yet. Hoping and praying that they're able to continue on!

  2. It sounds like you've got a great perspective about everything that is going on. I'm enjoying the slower pace of life, too. :)

  3. It sounds like you've got a great perspective about everything that is going on. I'm enjoying the slower pace of life, too. :)


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