Our April

Together for 23 & married for 19 years as of April 13th! Here’s to the joyous decades ahead!!! ❤️

After 2 months sleeping in our guest bed post-ice disaster pipe burst, we finally chose our replacement mattress & IT. HAS. ARRIVED...
We decided on Zinus after researching mattresses even up to 4x the price. So far, so good! Zero neck pain, zero hip pain – a little firmer than I thought it would be, but that’s also because the mattresses we were sleeping on were sooo incredibly old & worn out in comparison. :-P The whole vibe in that room is different now, especially with the new floor instead of carpet. It’s starker, colder, and this bed is so much lower than our last one. (We had a giant mattress + giant box spring that you literally had to climb up into.) We purposely chose this to be different for a change, but it almost feels like I’m walking in a whole nother house going in that room now. Definitely something that I’m going to have to get used to, even more so than just the mattress.

April 20th: 4 min 30 sec pumping out my A+ ❤️ = new personal record!
GO GO GO donate blood at mobile events like this = sooo much quicker & more efficient than donating at the Neighborhood Donor Center. (That’s great, too, but the mobile donation event teams move much faster!) Obviously followed with bubble tea time!

Happiest 15th, Annelise! ❤️ We couldn’t be prouder of how true to yourself you are...
At 15, Annelise is most obsessed with anime (I totally got into Haikyu!! with her! :-D), BTS (I’m all in here, too! :-P), ramen, & sleeping. She made her own birthday cake last week, and it was DELICIOUS:

I couldn’t resist using the last of the cake in a
StudioSmile pic! :-D
(100% yes: I ate all the rest!!!) LMK if anyone wants to try any of my online yoga classes with me or if you have any questions!

I feel like I missed several of the latest “National (something about your dog/puppy/rescue being the most amazing creature ever) Day”s on FB, so I’m not skipping pics here! Bailey Beagle is *THE* BEST. PET. EVER.

Closing with church stuff: both kids have asked to go to church camp this June (yay!) and Will is getting back into youth activities. (Annelise just wants camp; she’s not vaccinated, yet, so we are fine with her staying out of the weekly stuff.) Will is also in the application process for getting a summer job as a coach for area Christian youth summer sports camps! The director of the organization came to talk to his youth group; he definitely needs a summer job, and he came home that day really excited that this was something in his wheelhouse (coaching) & something more meaningful than working at a pizza place, like his friends. The application process is really long with lots of hoops to jump through (obviously, when you’re working with kids!) and several trainings before becoming qualified to be hired. He’s made it through the initial rounds, but his big training will be May 22nd. Pray for favor! I just can’t imagine a more perfect summer job for him: something that is impactful, while at the same time being a perfect fit for his heart. I have no idea what he will end up doing career-wise in life, but the one thing I *do* know about his adulthood is that he will coach in some capacity, whether it be his future kids’ youth sports team(s), community volunteering, etc.

Ending with cool pics our church media person took for FB the last time I sang two weeks ago. I’m singing again next Sunday on Mother’s Day:


  1. So much fun stuff to read about!! Annelise is 15??? Wow! And that cake looks so delicious - she did a great job on it! Will pray that things work out for that summer job for Will. It does sound like a great fit for him.

  2. Oh - and happy (very belated!) anniversary!! Y'all look so cute in that picture :)

  3. Happy anniversary! And happy birthday to Annelise! That cake looks delicious!


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