Welcome Summer & Back to Life

Their Freshman & Junior years are officially over:
I can’t believe Will is a *SENIOR* now… (& yes, it’s +90° but our house at 78° warrants sleeves &/or pants = my genes! :-P)

Will’s wisdom tooth surgery went great. He was loopy for ~2 hours :-P (yes, we videoed!) He has the most awesome friends: they all came over to check in on him & share some ice cream - I love these boys:
Bonus points for Annelise who played babysitter while I got his prescriptions; it’s a rare but blessed moment when the gravity of a situation pulls them both out of sibling angst long enough to genuinely tell each other, “I love you.” ❤️

He was completely healed within a week to go to church camp. Annelise actually chose to go, too:

Will has also officially started work, coaching with Armored Sports
How lucky is he to get paid for doing something he loves that’s making such a positive impact!

More happinesses…

•Taking the Ghost Pepper Chocolate Silk slice challenge from Proud Pie (I *only* like spicy with sweet, no savory, so this was ideal - can’t believe I could handle it!)
•Annual skin cancer screening with the BEST dermatologist EVER = all clear!
•Annelise getting her 2nd Pfizer dose, making our whole human household fully vaccinated! ❤️
•Great TV: Mare of Easttown, Girls5eva, Top Chef
•FINALLY getting to try Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi baking mix after missing out last June & having to wait a *full year*
•Discovering Trader Joe’s has a new über-decent frozen kunefe (my fave middle eastern dessert that I would never make on my own)
•First time trying flying pigeon pose! #alwaysgrowing
•Adding a 6th class per week to my StudioSmile teaching schedule: Lift - simple weightlifting using 1 or 2 sets of dumbbells, reminiscent of Bodypump, but with less equipment & a little more freedom for occasional variety. I hadn’t regularly lifted since my Pump classes ended with the pandemic, but getting back into the groove has really reignited my enjoyment!

Ahead this summer: Annelise is focusing on doing her online driver’s ed course to get her learners permit, while Will has football strength & conditioning camp in the mornings + camp coaching in the afternoons + as many youth group activities as he can squeeze in, (is he my kid or what?!?! :-P)


  1. Such fun highlights!! Excited to hear that Will got the coaching job! Church camp looks like it was fun - our daughter that just graduated from high school goes to her final year of church camp in July...it will be weird to have no child going to camp after this summer. That flying pigeon pose is impressive!!

    Have a great day, my friend!!


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