July Flew By (+ Free Yoga Sequence!)

No, seriously - where did July go?

My BFF Amy, who actually lives in Romania, was in Texas with her sons for 5 weeks to visit her family spread across the eastern half of the state. I feel so blessed that she always makes an effort to include me in her travels. (Even before we lived here, she scheduled multi-day layover visits with us in Chicago & Georgia!) We got together twice this super long trip: first, a girls weekend with her sister-in-law in San Antonio:

Eating at Domingo (twice! :-D) was a true highlight!

Then we spent the last few days before they flew back to Europe with her sons at our house. We took no pics, except the hour before I drove them to the airport, when we did last-minute Chinese reflexology massages - ahhhh! The perfect send-off:

In between Amy times, Will got his driver permit:

(Yes, he turned 17 this August, but with the pandemic, he never felt the need to do Driver's Ed until now. Annelise is getting hers on time on Monday. Shhhhh... :-P)

I donated blood & turned 43 with bubble tea!

I also offered this yoga flow in honor of my birthday & StudioSmile's first anniversary! This is a perfect little sequence to do ANY TIME you need a mind/body break or reset! First thing in the morning, on a work break, before bed, etc. ENJOY!!!

August has already brought Will's 17th birthday (pics soon!) and will bring the start of his Varsity season of football (practices start Monday) & back to school in-person for the first time fully in 18 months on the 18th. The pace of life is picking up, again, quickly, but even though we're all vaccinated, we're still very cautious of this Delta surge. Praying protection, common sense, compassion, & selflessness over everyone...


  1. Congratulations to Will on getting his driver's permit and a belated happy birthday to him and to you!! Hope all is going smoothly with football practice and that the school year gets off to a good, safe, healthy start!!


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