Family Weekend: T-Ball, Scooter, Zoo

My in-laws came to visit this weekend, and we kept the action pretty nonstop! We introduced them to the hardcore world of Dixie League t-ball Friday night, with Will's team winning 20-12. They also got to meet our best friends here, who came out to support Will, too. :-) [PS - comfortable, positive resolution to last week's drama: even though we had taken no offense whatsoever, there were other circumstances we didn't know about, going back to last year, so it was justified. The new head coach was one of the assistants, so the kids still know & trust him. There's even a more fun & inclusive spirit, so prayers answered.]

Saturday, the Grandparents took Annelise shopping for an early birthday present, since they'll be in Florida for her birthday next month. She picked a pink Sweet Pea Razor scooter, since she loves riding Will's blue Razor so much, and she's been out front on it almost every waking second we've been home. :-) This morning while she rode around, Will practiced t-ball with Grandpa & broke in his new batting gloves.

Yesterday afternoon, we finally made it out to the zoo here that we've been dreaming about. (We are *SUCH* zoo junkies!!!) It's small, but impressive for the size. They have a great assortment of animals (our faves: snakes, gators, wolves, meerkats, cheetahs, lemurs & a black rhino) in a gorgeous setting. It's very lush & super wooded with lots of shade, (YAY in summer!) The animals came incredibly close to us, (not sure if that's normal, or if we were just lucky? It rained a little earlier in the day & was such a comfortable high 70's temp.) JB signed us up for an excellent membership package which even has a tour with the Animal Curator bonus we can take sometime this year!


  1. Yay! I can't wait to see the zoo with the animals...we only saw it at Christmas when they had the lights show. Did you get to ride the train??? Do you think it would be a good place for B's 3rd Birthday party in July or too super hot for everyone????

  2. Ohhhh, I also want to see the pics that JB's mom took of us at the game :)

  3. We will go WHENEVER & AS MUCH as you want, since we joined. It is so nice! We missed the train - which sent Will into hysterics - so we *HAVE* to go back with him sometime next week for sure, if not sooner. I'd like to know what's included in a bday party there.

    And me, too re: the pic!!!! :-)

  4. so many wonderful things! yay for scooters! zoo! good t-ball games and understanding drama!


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