Gelish: 2 Week Old French & Little Girl Pedi

As promised, here's proof of how fresh my (first attempt ever at a) French manicure with my Gelish system looks after two full weeks:
They still have a fresh, high gloss shine and not a single chip, yet, anywhere. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have a French that is actually worth the effort!

I also Gelished Annelise's toes this past weekend with Bronzed:
I don't know how many of y'all have given little girls pedis before, but they last all of two seconds. (Especially in sandal weather - which can be possible year-round here! :-D) I don't know if it's because little girls are so active & fidgity, or if their toe nails are so small that the color swatches get scraped off easier; but it seemed 100% worthless to paint Annelise's nails...until Gelish. Doing her toes went SO FAAAAST! Because I wasn't doing my own hands at the time, I could polish one foot while her other foot was curing with the LED light, (which cut our total time in half!) Also, since they were her feet, we didn't have to do a seperate 3rd polish-&-cure round for the thumbs. Less than 30 minutes: gorgeous sparkly toes that were 100% dry and won't flake off! (Her pedi is already 4 days old in this pic from this evening. :-) Super score!)

As for me, my next mani will be red. Stand Out red. (I doubt I'll do enough layers to get it *that* dark, but we'll see; probably next week.)