Peach's 1st Parade

Now that our Princess Pumpkin Peach is more than just *our* royalty, she greeted her people as Tiny Miss Smithville in their festival parade yesterday morning. :-D It was COOOLD! (50's & windy - I know that's not the snow the north endured, but anything less than 65° is colder than we are comfortable. Unfortunately with her cold urticaria, she did start to break out a tiny bit on her cheeks, but it wasn't bad, and I kept her bundled tightly in our big blanket. She still had a blast, & it warmed up by lunch!) I was excited to get to ride along as her Mommy-in-Waiting, ;-) and the best part was that we were right behind our local high school marching band! Annelise & I rocked out the entire length of the parade route. :-D