Back into the Swing

We're instantly back into the swing of baseball life! We had our first practice with our new team Monday evening:
[One-on-one sunset swing coaching]

Our new team is the Brewers...and *this* is what happens the second you give this team-spirit-obsessed mom a new focus + 3 minutes with google and photoshop: custom logo! :-D

There's one kid from Will's last team; everyone else is new to us...much like this exact time last year! One year ago this week, the kids & I moved down to meet JB (who was already working here while we had waited for the movers.) Being a super-experienced moving mom, I had researched the area & activities before the job was even officially his [I can tell you all about potential lives that didn't pan out in Phoenix, Miami, & Greenville, SC, as well :-P] and made sure that we didn't miss out on the baseball sign-ups, even from 15 hours away! There's no better way to get acclimated than to make sure your kids have something (dance, sports, etc.) to jump immediately into - an activity where you get to hang around & know other parents (unlike school) and find out their recommendations for this & that (churches, doctors, etc.) while your kids are making new friends of their own during a constructive activity they enjoy. Win/win/win. We missed try-outs last year, b/c we hadn't moved, yet, but they still let us in for t-ball. :-) We also missed the first two practices (which really were last night & tonight a year ago) b/c our plane didn't get in until late that Tuesday night; but while we lived in a hotel for a few days waiting on the movers to get down here with our stuff, we still made it over to the sports store and got Will to his first practice that Thursday! What a happy week of memories and now a happy week of new baseball! LOVE being back in the swing of it all!