Silhouette Monogrammed Rain Boots

My dear crafty friend, Karen, put this bee in my bonnet almost a year and a half ago, and it's FINALLY come to fruition: monogrammed wellies!

Of course, I used my Silhouette, and I chose the Harrington font. (Also toyed with Chocolate Box & Bewitched, just for something other than my beloved-but-overused Monogram KK.)

Annelise's old snow boots up north were textured & wouldn't accept a decal, and we got so little rain here this summer ("exceptional drought" - as bad as the drought scale gets) I didn't make it a priority. Grandma & Grandpa Blake got her these perfect wellies this Christmas, though, and I was thrilled to pieces to finally make my little obsession come true! :-D


  1. TOO adorable. So do the monograms come off? Say you want to donate those to Goodwill when she outgrows them. Does the monogram peel off--with a little help?

  2. Those are absolutely darling!! Once again, I am totally impressed with your creativity.

  3. You *could* scrape them off; I'd probably use Goo Gone, too.

    Thanks, Tracey!!! I wish I could take all the credit. :-P


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