Gelish: Oocha Coocha Bing Bang Bam & June Bride

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a glitter queen, and whenever I have a glitter nail polish, I don't want a few flecks as a top coat. I want it to look like a glitter bomb went off on my nails! Solid sparkle, nothing else underneath.

Enter two of my Gelish Christmas presents! (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!)

I went crazier (as I usually do) on my toes with the Gelish Aurora Magic EFX color "Oocha Coocha Bing Bang Bam" - a surprisingly solid teal glitter. The Aurora Magic EFX line was advertised as glittery thin coats, perfect for layering over regular colors to amp them up:
I also have the purple color in this collection - "Ali Baba's Sim Sala Bam" - which I adore; but that one does need 3 full layers by itself, while I was excited at how solid this was at two coats:
It's kind of a big deal, b/c this color looks almost *EXACTLY* like my & mom's favorite summer toenail polish 12 years ago??? Revlon's Aqua Blast. We drove to every drugstore and grocery with beauty supplies for 5 days (of our 7-day vacay) at the beach that summer to get our paws on it...and it WAS absolutely worth it. ;-) This is the closest I've seen to the same teal, and this one is even better b/c #1 - it's got actual glitter in it, instead of just being a frost, and #2 - it's GELISH!!! No chips, even in the pool this summer. :-D

I then Gelished my fingers with "June Bride", a light pink micro glitter with larger holographic circle glitter:
I cannot tell you how excited I am by this!!! I achieved this level of glitter bomb with only TWO layers! And since it's a glitter, the brush strokes are effortless (as opposed to a solid color, where you can sometimes see the streaks in your strokes.) The pink is almost neutral, so it is very subtle from a distance; but up close? BOOM! Sparkle-rama, and I am especially in love with the larger holographic glitter circles that reflect tiny rainbows. Joyous!


  1. Sues---my polish lasted exactly 5 days before a chip and was peeling by te 7th day. :(

    I love the June bride. Love it!!!

  2. I have a couple theories on that. Salons have a like/hate relationship w/ gel polishes: they can charge a little more $, but they take MUCH longer (relatively) in the salon than a normal mani, and then since they last for 3 weeks when they've taken the time to do them right, they're getting your business less often. The only salon who ever did what I considered a worthy job on mine was that beauty school in MI that charged $20, and they were SO SLOW; but b/c they were getting graded, they made SURE they did it right. They essentially taught *me* how to do it correctly, too. :-) After we moved here & before I got my own kit, each time a salon did it, I was disappointed. The techs were always a little distracted with their chatting, and they never evenly cured each set of nails in the UV or LED lights. I cannot IMAGINE any of them have had the actual training for the product that the beauty school offered; OBVIOUSLY it's easy enough to do correctly if you really take the time, as EVEN *I* can actually do it myself & perfectly every.single.time :-D But I truly don't think most salons care to be perfect, b/c #1 if it chips earlier, they get your business back faster, and #2 if you decide you don't like the gel product, you'll get regular manis which are way less time & effort for them. NOT that they TRY to do them carelessly, but there's just no consequence to them not spending the extra time.

  3. Pretty! I need to stop biting my nails so I can have a set as beautiful as yours!! Love the go girl!

  4. THANKS!!! :-) A gel mani might make you stop biting yours - maybe? It makes my nails grow so long & strong. Normally, mine are super brittle & they peel. :-P


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