Easter Pic Eggstravaganza

I pray that y'all have all had just as joyous and blessed Easter weekends as we have! Here's our photo recap:

JB continued last year's tradition and made Peepshi! (Peep sushi: think sushi rolls & nigiri, but with Peeps instead of fish, Rice Krispy treats for the rice, and Pull 'n Peel Twizzlers for the seaweed! Also some M&Ms for "wasabi"/flavor!)

Saturday, our church had our awesome annual EASTER FEST:

It's such a great outreach and FREE family-friendly event. We all (yes, even JB! :-D) had a ball:


EGG HUNT: Annelise shot out of the gate like a flash!

And she found The Golden Egg in her age group's hunt, (for which she won a ginormous basket of goodies!) Bless Will's heart, he battled fiercely to keep his jealousy at bay...

It was such a sweet evening, and they even made a video recap to play this morning at church! (Annelise is the 2nd kid, from 10-14 sec; you can also see JB at 1:51. :-P ;-))

Sunday morning here, it was apparent that the Easter Bunny *HAD* shown up! Easter baskets with activity books, Peeps chapstick, & a chocolate bunny for each:

Egg hunting in the backyard around Mommy's tomatoes & the strawberry plants:

Egg hunting in the backyard around the pool:

Jelly beans and - per Will's request - Nerds in the bunny's eggs that they found:

And finally, an Easter MIRACLE!!! We couldn't find Annelise's baby, Flamingo, ANYWHERE - crushing, as LaLa had sent them *matching* Easter dresses (& gorgeous coordinating top for Will!) :'( But we finally found her in time for Easter to be saved! WHEW!!! :-D

Happy Easter! May the empty tomb speak hope into your impossible circumstance. ♥


  1. You have such a beautiful family! My mom got the same dresses for Carson & her doll too. :) So happy you got to have an Easter surrounded by azaleas & moss this year. :)

  2. You know the Spanish moss holds my heart! :-)
    Awww, do you have a pic of Carson & her doll dressed up?

  3. No picture yet. Carson's doll is wearing it now, but Carson just got the dresses yesterday, and I wouldn't let her change out of her Easter dress...my kids would change clothes 10 times a day if I would let them! Too much laundry for me as it is! :)


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