Eggcellent Easter

We had a fabulous Easter weekend celebration! The kids each had FOUR egg hunts: Friday at their schools, (my mom & I got to help hide the eggs for Will's! It was so good to get to be there & for Mrs. Coley to get to meet LaLa!), a church community hunt Saturday, here Sunday morning from the REAL bunny, and Sunday afternoon at the neighbors' house. (We are rolling in hundreds of eggs!!!)

Saturday night, the kids were as excited as Christmas Eve. They wanted to try to "trap" the Easter bunny, so Daddy actually rigged up a real rope by the front door. :-P (For the record, the rope was moved in the other direction in the morning, b/c the bunny went out the back door. ;-)

At bedtime, I asked Will what Easter was *REALLY* about. The conversation that followed made me "cry happy" - I felt like my heart was going to explode. On his own, he started to talk about how Mary must have felt when Jesus was on the cross...that she probably wanted to go to Heaven then, too. I want to cry, again, just typing that out... I am blessed beyond measure to be their mother...

Back downstairs, the Easter Bunny hid eggs all around our pool & back porch. (And NOT just easily laid out on the ground. Those hunts STINK! Easter morning to me meant scanning the backyard & initially seeing nothing! It's called an egg HUNT, not pick-up. :-P) JB was shocked that the Easter bunny hid them outside - silly Love, he has never had a real Easter with children in the South, (Will was only 18 months when we left ATL,) where it's WARM enough for comfortable outside hiding & hunting. That's the REAL way!!! ;-) :-) [Along with getting to wear Easter dresses WITHOUT turtlenecks underneath! :-D I had to do laundry Saturday night, b/c all of Will's khaki shorts were dirty & it's too hot (record highs! 90°+) to put him in full-length khaki pants! ♥ ♥ ♥]

JB crafted the MOST AMAZING Easter surprise of them ALL while the bunny was hiding eggs. He kept it a secret until it was completely finished, and I honestly had NO CLUE. I was 100% blown away!!! Behold: Peep sushi!