Grandmommy's 100th Birthday

This Saturday we celebrated my Grandmommy's 100th birthday in North Carolina!!! We are so incredibly blessed to have had this experience (& to have her amazing genes in us! ;-)) I wore her favorite dress that's over 40 years old that she used to love wearing to my mom's debutante things. :-) She kept saying, "I can't get over you in the dress! I just can't..." ♥ ♥ ♥ Then she kept telling everyone else how she wore it, how she gave it to me, and how I'll give it to Annelise one day. :-)

Annelise, Will, LaLa, Grandmommy, & Uncle David

Grandmommy made this visor at a beachy craft event and saved it to give to Annelise. :-)

The two best little cake servers! They were such a precious help:

Will & Sis so happy to see my BFF Wendy's son, their virtual cousin, Alex:

Party chat:

Grandmommy, her sister Aunt Frances, and allllllll of her grandchildren & great-grandchildren ♥

Silly grands :-P

Grandmommy and [almost] our whole family!

Posing Blakes, planking Alex:

My *favorite* Grandmommy smile!!! (With her sister Aunt Frances, my mom, & my mom's childhood BFF who flew in from San Francisco!)

Aunt Frances, Grandmommy, & me in Grandmommy's dress:

The top of Grandmommy's 100th birthday cake...which doubled as a 10th anniversary cake for me & JB - same flavors as our wedding: almond pound with raspberry & white chocolate ganache filling...

I am so thankful for my precious family!!!


  1. Wow! That is amazing to have your grandma for 100 years! We were able to enjoy a few of our grandparents until they were 95. What a gift. That dress is AMAZING! I love it!

  2. Congrats to your grandma, and I'm so glad you were there to celebrate (BTW, I love how the kids' outfits match the party decor!)! I haven't had a living grandparent since junior year of high school (1993), and it makes me sad that I never knew any of them as an adult. Steve's grandma is turning 93 in a couple months, and she's the only grandparent he has living.

  3. What a sweet family time!! So glad you were able to be there for this special occasion!

  4. Thanks, y'all! Grandmommy is the only grandparent I've ever had - my dad's parents passed in the 1960's, and my mom's father passed the month before I was born. My mom says that's why I have a special bond with Grandmommy, b/c my arrival gave her something happy to focus on at her worst time. ♥


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