Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

This past Friday the 13th (lucky! :-)) was our 10TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! So, how did we celebrate? Ummmm, we didn't. :'( JB had to stay home at the last minute for work, so I drove the kids up to NC Friday afternoon (for Grandmommy's 100th bday party Saturday) by myself. Not what we planned or wanted; but I have to say, I'm so thankful that I'm confident in our strong bond, that it doesn't upset me. We can celebrate just fine next week, and we've got DECADES more of April 13ths ahead of us. ♥

Some decade-old memories:

My bridal portraits:

My brother Andy, Grandmommy, my mom, & Hershel:

Me & my brother:

My bridesmaids:

With the groomsmen:

My brother walked me down the aisle...

Our [huge] wedding party:

Reception fun:

We left under a tunnel of sparklers!

Hysterical serendipity: last Wednesday - the very week of our 10th wedding anniversary - I used the LAST gift card from OUR WEDDING!!! :-D (It was a Belk's card I'd just found with $7 left on it, hidden in the side pocket of an old purse. :-P) The sales lady laughed at the old Belk logo! I wasn't sure it would work at all; I presented it more out of curiosity than desired value, but it DID work - even 10 years later! :-D