Last South GA Weekend with Daddy

This was our last south Georgia weekend together with JB home as a family. (He leaves this Saturday morning for Texas; the kids & I have just over two more weeks here.) We made the most of it!

Not only were we productive - we cleaned out our closets and made a huge Goodwill donation - but we took advantage of the things we love so much about our home & resort-like backyard. It's still too chilly for Mommy, (I need my water above 85°F - NO negotiation!!!) but the kids & JB swam for hours in our backyard pool. [It had to be almost 80°, b/c Annelise only got a couple bumps Saturday and none Sunday. :-)]

Today, we went bowling at the kids' beloved Fun Park, had fro yo at their newest fave Swirl, and finally they went fishing for the last time with Daddy in our backyard lake...even in the sprinkling rain! :-P


  1. Sounds like a great weekend. It just dawned on me...out of all of our moves combined this is the first time we are movin at the exact same time!

  2. That *IS* pretty crazy!!! :-P We MUST catch up - I'm going to try to call tomorrow. Looking like we'll be gone now the 13th - eeek!!! :-/


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