We Knew This Was Coming

We knew this was coming.

When we first moved here last year, we were told it was a temporary assignment (up to 18 months - however long it took JB to straighten out operations in south GA) after which we'd move up to Peachtree City (outside Atlanta). We were good with that; we lived outside ATL 2002-2006 & loved it! But what we *didn't* expect was how hard we'd fall for this podunk little, middle-of-nowhere, one-Sbux south Georgia area. Yeah, I miss Costco & Trader Joe's...but when I can stock up on drives home to CLT, I don't mind sacrificing them for the perfect weather, the Spanish moss in our trees, the best public school system in the state, the genuine church home we finally settled into, the amazing baseball organization Will is getting such a solid foundation in, the true Southern culture that has my kids ALWAYS saying ma'am & sir (even though I taught them that up north, when no one around you practices it: no reinforcement = not really a part of life), and the wonderful sense of community. I talked before about local businesses here donating profit percentages to my JL friend's cancer bills. More are also doing it now for Phillip Phillips' family, so they can afford to fly out to CA to see him on AI. I love this community that takes care of each other in sadness & celebration, and I want my kids to grow up knowing that as "normal". JB & I both never imagined we'd be this content so far off our usual metropolitan grid...and now we don't wanna leave!

But just as our hearts shifted, so did JB's company's plan for him...
They no longer want us in PTC. The day after my joyous here-a-year post, they told him they want him in Vicksburg, Mississippi. (That's where their biggest operation in his division is, and they want him to fix it like he did here, instead of going to corporate in PTC.) Now, if we were still stuck up north, we'd be on Vicksburg like white on rice...but we can't stand the idea of uprooting the kids for a place that's not much different culturally than where we are now, is 12 hours from CLT instead of 6.5, and doesn't have our stellar school system, when this isn't even a big promotion. Hard option to swallow. Luckily, this transfer has kept getting put off further & further down the road, buying the kids their complete school year, dance, & baseball season here and buying JB time for options, (a new thing for us.)

One option popped up several weeks ago. JB asked me, "What about Houston, TX?" to which I simply replied, "Nope." We've spent years taking mediocre transfers, and now that we've gotten a taste of what it feels like to be happy in our locale, again, I'm not giving that up laissez faire. With no further discussion, I woke up with TX on my heart the entire next day. Why had I been so quick to poo-poo it? I decided to do my standard "google everything I love" session, which I do whenever we're moving to a new area, just to see what it's like...and I was impressed. [Thank you, God prompting. :-)]

Turns out, a head of HR whom JB has worked for had left for another company in Texas. He called JB to offer him the chance to develop the new HR policy for the entire company! (So nice to be called & offered, instead of going through recruiters & interviews ad nauseam!) If we're going to uproot our fam, I feel MUCH BETTER doing it for an entirely fresh experience, not for just the same old thing again in a different state. JB loves his career, but a major thing that discourages him is not being able to bust through corporate bureaucracy that is failing his employees; in this TX opportunity, he will get to be the one making the policies in the first place, instead of having to fix the failed messes. It's an incredible opportunity for him, and even though I HATE moving, it's for something TRULY NEW - *with* the accompanying financial compensation to go with it for once!!!

Plus, Houston is super close to the beach! (See my priorities? ;-))
And yes, they have Costco. :-D

Up next: my pros & cons list, how bittersweet, info begging, & house hunting...

[PS - This is my 600th post! My 300th was announcing our happy move here. :-P]


  1. That is wonderful. Rob wants to friend(; him on Linked in. What company is it and what do they do? Natural gas or oil?

  2. You are amazing. Being so upbeat about a move knowint it's best for your husband and his job. I really admire you, Susie!

  3. I know you are glad to "let the cat out of the bag". Praying for you sweet friend!!!!

  4. Katie - did you see JB's email for Rob on FB for them to do LinkedIn?
    Sharon - I absolutely could NOT do this w/o God. I couldn't handle the constant upheaval w/o knowing He has a plan & purpose for each step!
    Michelle - thank you SO MUCH for being here for me!!!

  5. wishing u all luck in your new place, maybe we can visit u in Texas instead :) Love you all lots Hayley, Ewan & Ryan xxx

  6. Like I told you, you're not that far from me so we can get together now!

    AND.... I know quite a bit about Houston so I can help you out. The main office of my company is there so I'm very familiar. :)

  7. Hayley - there's definitely A LOT more to do there than in our sweet, quiet Southern town here. :-) It would be exciting!!!
    Andie - SO GOOD TO KNOW! I don't want to miss any wonderful local sites, events, or attractions! :-)


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