No More Suffering in Silence

Y'all, there are not words for what the last few weeks of not being able to talk about this have been like!!! Constant churning 24/7. I am a nester who likes to travel, but NOT to move; so every time we uproot & start over, it's stressful. JB has it a bit easier transition-wise: his "new" life is pretty much all lined up for him upon arrival - his work schedule, his commute, his new circle of acquaintances - not that he has instant BFFs (he'll probably have a few irritating jerks in there :-P) but he *does* instantly have colleagues, peers, & most of his daily life set up.
The kids & I start 100% from scratch: new school registrations, finding new *trustworthy & quality* doctors, dentists, grocery stores, sports leagues, dance schools, gyms, & the biggie: a new church. That all falls on *me*.

And it's ok - I've gotten pretty quick & like to hit the ground running now after 7 other moves...but while sometimes it feels like a fun adventure when we move to a new place like this that has so many options, it's still a HUGE weight on my mama heart until I get all that sorted out.

I've googled about everything possible to prep, and honestly, I'm overwhelmed by a lot of the sports options: there are EIGHT baseball leagues in the one suburb we're focusing on - I know it sounds slightly trivial, but picking the "right" one is truly important, not only for the quality of instruction, but b/c these sports leagues are where our initial friendships are so often formed. It DOES matter.

I usually whip right into action & find out all I can from everyone we know when we get the official word; but this time, b/c it's a change to a new company & not just a transfer, I couldn't blog or talk about it online until now. SO FINALLY: PLEASE TELL ME EVERYTHING Y'ALL KNOW ABOUT HOUSTON!!!

See also: how this happened, my pros & cons list, how bittersweet, & house hunting...


  1. What do you want to know about Houston? Also, there is spanish moss there, you know. It is probably not as prevalent, but there is some here & there. And if you really want your fill of it, come visit me, I have it all over my backyard! LOL

  2. There really is Spanish moss there? Our yard & neighborhood here are completely covered, and it's seriously one of my most favorite things about life here!!! I'm pretty obsessed... ;-)
    I want to know about every local event & attraction in the Houston area - I don't want to miss any of the fun action! :-)


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