Safari N'djema

20 YEARS ago (how is that possible?!) I was on safari in Kenya, Africa! My parents sent me halfway around the world w/o them (they were friends with a lot of the people going; initially, my dad was going to go, too, but he had some medical issues & had to back out) for two weeks over my 14th birthday. It was an amazing opportunity; my parents knew I would live in Europe in college, but when else would I have the chance to go to Africa on safari at such a low student price with a group of people they trusted? I am so thankful they gave me this gift of a lifetime, and esp. at such an impressionable age.

[The camel I rode for two of those days, me (ha!), & our guide Sammy]

I kept a detailed journal of my trip, and our local newspaper published the ENTIRE THING as a feature when we returned! [MOM!!! PLEASE tell me you still have that laminated newspaper somewhere; I never took it out of the "important papers desk" in Concord...] I'd give anything to have a digital copy, not only to share with y'all, but to reread for myself. I shot 17 rolls of film, which doesn't seem so extreme today with digital cameras; but back then (in the olden days! HA!!!) taking over 500 photos in to be developed from one trip was a HUGE deal!!! :-D ...And if we had found & unpacked our scanner, yet, I could scan & share at least a few more images of the adventure with you. :-P

For now, I'll have to be content with my own memories of game drives, dust, the Milky Way, campfires, the Great Migration, & unspoiled vistas...and y'all with that one of literally TWO Africa pictures that I'm clearly *in*. [It taught me a valuable lesson, though, for travel that I still value today: hand off your camera, so you can be in shots & prove you were actually THERE, too!!! No lie: 17 rolls of film = well over 500 photos = 2 blurry pics of me & 2 clear ones. That's IT. :-P]