Will turned 8 on Monday!

I interviewed him that night as I tucked him into bed, so we could remember what his favorites were on his first day of 8:

Favorite food: Lupe Tortilla mac & cheese...which is actually just blue box Kraft! :-P [I can't believe pizza was pushed down his ladder by ANYTHING! He also still loves sushi and is so proud to have discovered a love of mussels this year.]
Favorite snack: Cheez-Its
Favorite song: "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO
Favorite sport: baseball
Favorite sports star: Kyle Busch
Favorite subject: math
Favorite show: Wild Kratts
Favorite movie: Kung Fu Panda 2
Favorite toy: Soft Puppy [his beloved stuffed dog - he's gotten more attached to it this year than he's ever been in his life!]
Favorite app: Angry Birds
Favorite Angry Bird: the black one
Favorite thing to do: love my family [awww! yay, snuggles!]
Favorite Wii game: Hotwheels Track Attack
Obsessed with: gameshows (Wipeout, Family Game Night, etc.)
Future job: train engineer
Favorite number: 18
Favorite trip: Tweetsie
Favorite books: Diary of a Wimpy Kid series and Bad Kitty Meets the Baby
Favorite memory of my first day being 8: We saw 6 trains at the zoo!

Riding the train beside the Houston Zoo on Will's actual 8th birthday!