Off My Wall: Spice Dance College Eats

Random shareworthies on my mind and off my FB wall:

* These Sanhale Snacks Pomegranate Pistachios with Almonds, Cherries, + Black Pepper are absolutely divine!!! My mom discovered them at beloved Costco, and now we're completely addicted. Salty, sweet, + spicy! [What? Spicy? I'm raving over spicy??? Y'all, I'm working on my "Texas tongue"! :-D Seriously, over the last year or so, my spice-baby-self has begun to occasionally crave a bit of flavorful heat in my sweet: cayenne in dark chocolate and in my PB2/chia/vanilla protein smoothies. I still can't do not-sweet heat, and bell peppers will always taste cringingly bitter to me; but this tiny taste bud revolution is exciting!]

* My mom found this = 100% me:

* Wanna see me & my other cheer coach doing a dance she choreographed for our squad? (If I would've known we were going to learn & video it that night last week, I would've dressed WAAAY CUTER!!! Or at least untucked my top... :-D)

* I had a Davidson reunion on Friday!!! ♥ Lunch w/ my friend, Ina - we were on the same freshman hall, (a big deal at Davidson.) It was our first time together in TWELVE YEARS! Our kids became instant friends...and had a ball with the tabletop chalk all over their hands. :-P

* Saturday, we discovered an amazing local ice cream shop that makes all kinds of unique, crazy flavors = totally my thing! I had Mexican Hot Chocolate: chocolate ice cream w/ cinnamon & cayenne [see! :-D] = HEAVENLY. I also tasted Shiner Ruby Red, Moxie Jumble, Maple Bacon, & Butterscotch Brownie - yes, please! What crazy ice cream flavors have you had...or would you like to?

* This is what JB walked out of our room to see on Sunday morning = the Mad Genius!

* Sunday at Ephesus Mediterranean Grill for lunch after church I had my first authentic Döner Kebab (think gyro meat on a pita with tzatziki) since Würzburg! ♥
They also had amazing Künefe (phyllo & cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup) for dessert!!!

* The half hour of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies I watched completely pandered to my mid-30's demographic. Fatboy Slim, Spice Girls, Oasis = it was a concert of my college/Germany years! ♥ I doubt any other age group cared, but I was rolling down memory lane. :-P I am totally reviving part of "The Rockafeller Skank" in a future Zumba routine, and I *STILL* remember our complete house lip sync contest choreo to "Spice Up Your Life"! :-D (And I WILL find that pic!!!)

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