Gelish: Texans / USA / Olympic Team Spirit Mani

It's been a while since I posted a Gelish update; I've been rocking the traditional French pretty much nonstop...until NOW! [What's Gelish?]

Enter my latest team spirit mani:
[It's really for my & Annelise's cheer squad: the Texans - but it could also be for USA or Olympic spirit, too! Any two colors = any team!]

I created this look by first freehand painting two layers of the blue Aurora EFX Special Effects Polish "Wiggle Fingers, Wiggle Thumbs, That's the Way Magic Comes" on the tips of my nails. (I can tell I've been doing the traditional French lately, b/c my freehand blue lines are getting pretty darn good! :-D) I then filled in under the blue with "Stand Out" red - just one layer. (I had planned on two, but one didn't look too light, so I saved myself the extra layer time.)

Funky, fun, full of team spirit, and totally on trend!!!


  1. LOVE IT!! I love, love nail polish. It's such a simple way to brighten my day. I did read your earlier blog post about Gelish... very interesting!

    PS. Did you get your new crock pot yet? :)

  2. I haven't gotten my 2nd smaller pot, yet! :-P We are eating out SO MUCH, b/c there are SO MANY amazing restaurants here, and it's our favorite vice. :-D Whenever I get back in the kitchen full-time, though... ;-)


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