First Day of 1st & 3rd

Monday was Will & Annelise's first day of 3rd & 1st grade:

It was perhaps the least anxious first day we (I know *I*) have had since Will began public school. I was filled with peace from the start. (It helps that I'm getting up at 7:15/7:30 AM now to leave at 8, instead of 6:45 AM with ten minutes to get Will on the bus. :-P) We live 0.5 miles from school, so we don't get bus service this year - very sad for Annelise, who was hoping to have her 1st bus experience, and for the certainly-upcoming days Mommy would rather stay in jammas ;-) but awesome, b/c we can WALK to school! JB has always dreamed of the kids being able to walk to school like he did growing up; well, we've got it! 15 minutes each way + twice a day = an hour of walking exercise for me. :-) Now, this morning was truly miserable: carrying 20 lbs of school supplies on this walk to drop off in their classes was like a boot camp nightmare; but we made it...and every other morning will seem like cake now. :-P

The kids came & snuggled me in the beddy before we got up and ate cereal. Everything and everyone was just ready. No rushing, no last minute forgetting anything. Annelise wore her gorgeous new boutique dress and felt beautiful; Will was even ready to get on with the show. :-P They obliged me (shhhhyeah, like they had a choice! ;-)) with their photo in front of the house before we started walking, and we still got to school with enough time for me to unload their supplies in each class before the bell.

The other bonus to this walking business is that it was no big deal to walk in with them and make sure they were settled - no trying to find impossible parking & battle the mile-long drop-off line, and certainly no "I wonder if they even found their class?" worries after them getting off a bus. It made pick-up pretty great, too: although it was hot as Hades, walking home was the perfect amount of time for me to grill them each on their days...w/o me getting ignored in favor of a snack, etc. ;-)

Will was the MOST EXCITED I have EVER seen him after the first day of school. He answered my every query w/o saying "I don't know" or "Nothing" even once. :-P Annelise also had a great day...but she was exhausted. I was a little surprised, b/c she's been going to full-day school for the last two years, so it's not like this 1st Grade schedule is new; but she still made it through cheer tonight from 6-8 PM with a good attitude, so triumph!


  1. So glad they had a great first day of school!! Her dress is gorgeous!!

  2. They look precious! I know your heart was singing that things went well.

    BTW, I am trying to catch up (I have been a terrible friend!) with you!

  3. Michelle!!! You have NOT!!!! Take your time & fill me in on the latest whenever. :-) ♥


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