Lilly Pulitzer at Midnight

Oh my gosh, y'all! I just shopped the big Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer midnight. :-P I kept opening & closing windows with pieces I love all evening. I kept debating...and only went with pieces that 1) I will actually wear more than once or twice a year [I love SO MANY DRESSES!!! But they're not as practical for my daily wear] and 2) have prices as low (or lower) than what I'd pay at my favorite Lilly consignment store in Charlotte. :-D It helps that I get to wear summer-weight clothes from at least March - October. #GodblesstheSouth These were awesome deals (esp. for my crazy-cheap-self!!!) so let me share, while I'm on my shopping high:

For me - this Callie Skirt in Worth Blue Dot Dot Hop:

And for Annelise (they only had a size bigger, so we'll coordinate in a year or so) - this Little Lilly Shift Rosettes in Worth Blue Dot Dot Hop:

For me - the Wiley Tube Top in Resort White Chum Bucket:

With coordinating Little Callahan Shorts for Annelise:

Multi Aint No Lady Printed Patch Callahan Shorts for me:

And Buttercup Shorts in Hotty Pink Lucky Seersucker:
Because I have been absolutely OBSESSING over having a monogrammed pair, since I saw this blog post in April.

YAY for scoring six pieces for as much (& potentially less!) than one regularly full-priced dress!


  1. I have never heard of Lilly Pulitzer. Then again, I hav been getting most of my clothes at Costco. I too am loving the idea that I can get clothes that don't need to withstand noses being wiped on them or work while carrying a baby. Not to mention the shoes! I need to get some new clothes for work and just having the excuse is so exciting.

  2. Oh, I loooove buying clothes at Costco!!!!!


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