Trophies & Fury

Will & Annelise reached their Texas summer reading goals at the library this week and were rewarded with TROPHIES:
(There is no better prize for them!!! Our kids are complete trophy hoarders. :-P)

After trophies, we went to our new pediatrician for the first time for Will's 8-year-old well-check. LOVE HER! She's a young D.O., [I think she's our very first family physician who's younger than I am, (by - I guesstimate - 2 years ;-))] and she talked to Will like an equal, not like he was a kid. He loves well-checks...well, he used to. These last two years, he's had bloodwork (Annelise, too) just to monitor their triglycerides, since we have a serious history of young heart disease on both sides of our family, and we do NOT want to be blind to the risk. Annelise is tough; she is barely bothered by needles or finger pricks. Will, on the other hand, squeals, screams, shakes, and literally acts like he's about to be chopped wide open. There's not much logic or bribery that can get through to him; trust me, we've tried. He goes psycho; and now that he's bigger, we also have to have help holding him down, b/c he flails so much, I can't keep him still enough on my own. :'( It's heartbreaking...and maddening, b/c the stick takes half a second, and he always says, "Well, it wasn't the worst ever," afterwards. Yeah - that's after he has terrified every other kid in the office and exasperated the entire nursing staff. :-P [I pray for blessings & favor upon Ms. Betina, who deserves sainthood for enduring this fury.] Will did emerge from the melee saying that he likes this pediatrician "better than any other we've ever had!" so I'm declaring triumph! :-D I was super impressed at how fast we were seen - I didn't even finish filling out our new patient forms until OUR VISIT WAS OVER, it went so quickly.

Will at 8 years old: 4' 2.25" + 61 lbs. = BMI of 17, 75th percentile = perfection :-)