Zumba Job Journey CONTINUED

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On Saturday the 18th, I had my all-day, 9 AM - 6 PM Group Fitness Certification Training over an hour away. The biggest blessing was meeting another girl from the movement auditions [she does Total Conditioning, not Zumba] waiting at the General Manager's interview who said she wanted to carpool Saturday! (I hatehatehate driving, esp. when I don't know where I'm going, esp. when it's really far away, and esp. when it's to something I'm nervous about!) Having her drive was an absolute godsend for me. The training was surprisingly almost all classroom teaching; we each got a manual, and the instructor was wonderful, making sure to say "Ding! Ding!" when it was material that was going to be on the test at the end of the day. It wasn't "super fun" per se, but I *did* learn a lot. I esp. enjoyed the in-depth section on metabolism and how our bodies process what we eat with exercise.

This last week has been the tough part: just waiting. The instructor from Saturday said it would take 3-4 days until our test scores would be reported, so I didn't expect to hear anything until mid-week. The girl I carpooled with heard Tuesday night that she needed to go pick up her new hire packet...and that's when my faith test kicked into high gear. I expected to hear, as well; I had heard at the earliest possible moment for every previous step and had been first in every interview line...but now nothing. I had absolutely no reason to believe they no longer wanted me, (and I *KNEW* I passed that test on Sat. - no question whatsoever!) but total radio silence.

I asked my FB friends for prayer. I knew that evil was trying to bait me with my friend's good news when I hadn't yet heard re: myself. I knew I needed to be thankful for this strengthening of my faith - b/c I *know* I've been in God's will during this process - and remind myself that He has the best worked out for me, wherever, whenever.

I finally broke down & emailed the Group Fitness Department Head on Thursday to check in. On Friday, she asked if I had picked up my new hire package, yet.


I got all excited - b/c I hadn't heard I was getting one! - and said I'd pick it up that very morning! Well, when I went to pick it up, there was only one left, and it was for a different girl. I couldn't decide if she made a mistake, that they're not actually hiring me (like she was so busy she read "Sima" (other girl) instead of Susie on my email) or if she just didn't have MY package ready, yet. I emailed her one last time: "I stopped by the front desk for the new hire packet on Friday, but there wasn't one ready for me, yet. Just let me know when I should come back by! :-)"

FINALLY Saturday afternoon, I was inundated with several new hire packet emails and an email to all of the new "Rockstar Rookies" about the next trainings we need to get before we teach, once all our new hire paperwork is processed.

It was all just a busy oversight, and I'm really in! A week of stressing for nothing :-P ...but isn't that almost ALWAYS the way? :-D It is SUCH a blessing to be chosen over all those other ladies who auditioned; I thought they were all really good! Next step for me: heart rate monitor training on Sept. 8th.


  1. I came over from Girls to Grow, and I thought I would say, "hey!" Congratulations on your new job! I'm looking for one right now, too, but honestly, I'm enjoying not working right now.

  2. WELCOME, Nikki!!! And thank you so much!!! I'm definitely called to be a SAHM, but I'm really happy to have a few Zumba classes for myself to teach, again, too. :-) [We just moved to TX from GA last month.] Good luck in your search - I'll pray God sends the perfect fit at the perfect time!


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