Gelish: You Glare, I Glow

So two weeks ago, I was hit with Gelish drama. :-P I don't go out & buy new colors very often, just b/c Gelish lasts SO LONG. There's not much need for me to buy a few new colors in every new collection, (unlike my OPI days,) b/c it would take months for me to try them all out. I got my last new colors at Christmas and have been completely satisfied! ...Until Sally Beauty sent my birthday month coupon ($10 off $20) which piqued my interest. ;-) I can't say I hadn't noticed the new neon purple called "You Glare, I Glow" in the All About the Glow collection:
I don't have anything like it at all! So I got my heart set on that, as well as finding something as close to Tiffany blue as possible. Sally Beauty has always had colors from the previous 2 or 3 collections in stock, so I didn't think twice about their availability. When I arrived the next day with my bday month coupon, they were 100% out of every All About the Glow color and had no previous collections, either! (They did have a ton of basic colors, just not the new collections.) I asked the girl when they expected more, and she shook her head: never. Apparently Gelish is now going to make "limited edition" really mean something, and they are only sending each store THREE bottles of each new color!!! When they're out, they're out. Wow. OK, so I'm on board with that...but it didn't help me that day, b/c also apparently, this purple color has caused quite a stir amongst Gelish folk (I guess my style instincts are on-trend! ;-)) and it sold out EVERYWHERE. :'(

It took me four full days to get over my cheapness re: not being able to use my Sally bday month coupon :-P and instead, order it off Amazon. It arrived yesterday, and boy, it was WORTH it!!! This color is amazing:
It's the hardest color to photograph, though, EVER! This is my hand today in three different lights, and still none of these capture the true neon vibrancy. It's a solid crème opaque that sometimes trends fuchsia, other times more violet. It's the epitome of summer fun!!!


  1. That's ridiculous that they'd limit store quantities so much. They'll lose more customers than draw them in. Exclusivity can help with marketing, but with a commodity like that, it's silly beyond words!

  2. I have gotten so many compliments on it this week! :-) Super fun!!!

    I guess I'll just have to pay attention to the release dates of each new collection, if I'm interested in anything. :-P


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