Fondant Pom Pom Cake

I don't get über-fancy & obsess over the party details for my kids' birthdays, but I do put extra consideration into their cakes. I'm not a professional baker; I've never even taken a cake design class! But for whatever reason, I've just always wanted to bake their birthday cakes myself and have them be special. :-)

Enter this year's fondant pom pom cake for Annelise's 8th birthday party! Gorgeous & SO SIMPLE!

I baked the cake in a scallop shell cake pan I had, (I don't see why you couldn't also use a round,) and iced it with a coat of normal icing. I bought one box of plain white fondant & separated it into four equal parts. Annelise wanted her pom to be pink, purple, white, & red. White = easy. :-) I then put each of the three remaining quarters into their own zip top bags, added the requested food coloring drops, and kneaded each one to develop the color evenly throughout - without having to get any food coloring on my hands! ;-) With a rolling pin, I rolled out one color of fondant at a time and cut it into strips with a pizza cutter. [Pro tip: cornstarch will keep the playdough-esque fondant from sticking.] I strategically placed the strips of each color on the cake, reserving about half of the strips to add when I had all the colors cut, so they'd all be evenly distributed.

Just beginning with pink, then white:

That's really it. I kept adding strips until it was covered and had enough depth. I used extra white strips turned sideways to "make" the pom handle & faux elastic loop.

Finished fondant pom pom cake success:


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