What's Up With Us

It's been an...emotional week. Here's what's up with us:

* Annelise chose to go BACK TO SCHOOL with just an hour left after her 8-year well check this week! :-) (She is dreading summer, she loves school so much!) Praising God for HEALTH: the pediatrician took her off of her reactive airway [coughing & wheezing triggered by infection] preventative! She's been on it since Dec. 2010; the kids were just both so sick so often when we lived up north, they never had long stretches w/o some nasal infection. Our ped here asked how often Annelise uses the rescue inhaler now; since it's only like 3 times a year when she gets sick, she said we should see what happens quitting the preventative. And Will can quit his, too, actually! Esp. during the summer months. If there are issues come fall & back-to-school germs, they can easily go back on them; but SUPER YAY for getting off meds for ANY stretch! :-D Annelise's vision has also apparently improved to 20/40! (She's been wearing glasses just for schoolwork for ~3 years; I'd heard this was possible, but I'm still shocked!) Texas seems to be where we thrive best!!! :-) She's a muscle-bound peanut at only 7th% for height (so my genes! I was the shortest girl in my class until 9th grade! :-P)

* I got fired up this week when we were told the gym wants to cancel the T/Th Yin yoga!!! WHAAAAT?!?! This isn't little or silly; those classes have run for years, they are full, & they are the most physical therapy some people get. For me, they not only heal what I strain teaching Zumba, but they have made me less injury-prone & more in tune with my body & health overall. They are priceless, and I am livid over this arbitrary call to "shake things up" w/ no regard for the people who actually participate. I don't feel like I can raise as big of a ruckus as I would if I weren't an employee, but I'm definitely going to encourage everyone in the classes to weigh in and send emails to the management. (We all know the lady in charge has...issues. :-P) They're saying they'll change Yin to Hot Vinyasa...which is already the next class after Yin, so I'm baffled by the motivation. The instructor said she'd be happy to keep teaching Yin, if that's what's decided. They also mentioned moving it from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM, which, instead of starting the day off right, cuts the day awkwardly right in half. It would be different if these two classes hadn't run at 8:30 AM for years before I even moved here or if attendance was low. Yeah, I'm *still* fired up...

* Barbell on Friday ROCKED!!! I felt so strong, even after missing last week to sub Will's 4th grade class at school (I got to take over for teacher appreciation ♥) & missing the last two weeks in April with my mom here & then me getting sick. I risked being super sore, though, b/c I skipped my recovery in the hot tub to pick up fresh fruit for football snacks during our last 7-on-7 games Friday night & so I'd have time to bake an end-of-season party football cake. (It turned out GREAT - sooo worth it! Dedicated football post coming...)

* Saturday morning, I had volunteered to sub another Zumba class, (the *last* one! I did last Saturday, too.) Since Will was also gone at a post-football sleepover, JB & Annelise had a daddy/daughter breakfast date. ♥
JB's caption: "What every little girl should have for breakfast: double crêpe, double scoop!"

* Saturday afternoon, we all went to a friend's "luau water slide" birthday party - such a gorgeous day! Will rocked that slide! (Annelise did, too, but Will caught more air ;-))

* This week also held the culmination of almost two months of crazy stressful cheer drama! (Cheer drama, you wonder? But cheer doesn't start until the end of July, right? Oh, there's already fireworks! :-P) Two-month-long story short: I'm the only coach who's had a ton of cheerleaders sign up for their squad, and now I'm over a new arbitrary squad size limit they set up...but didn't tell any of the coaches about before registration began. They're saying 16 max; I'm at 19. 3 girls might need to go, but those families are *NOOOT* having it! Their daughters have close friends who are returners on my squad, and they specifically wanted *me* as their coach, so that launched a huge battle with me trapped in the middle. I do NOT like breaking the rules, but I did think these girls should be allowed to stay on my squad, because they signed up so early, (the 1st weeks registration even opened in March! it still goes into July!) and they have so many friend connections already with us. Plus, I wasn't even told about the new squad size rule until it was too late & several new girls had already registered. (Had I known beforehand, I would've told my parents who wanted to invite their friends that we may be full, so they wouldn't get their hopes up or waste their money. No other team in the whole league gets close to the limit until maybe July, but *my team* needed to know, if they wanted this enforced; I felt blindsided.) The new girls' parents were (rightfully - I would, too) freaking out on me with tons of panicked emails, the VP of Cheer is *STILL* furious with me for being honest with the new parents that this could possibly happen after *THEY* came to me, (she wanted to keep them in the dark until the end of July = not cool! I will not string kids & parents who have paid good money along under false pretenses), & I just felt sick being stuck in the middle!!! After two days of private executive board meeting emails this week that I wasn't part of, I'm told it's fairly resolved now: everyone agrees I can & should keep my 19, but the VP of Cheer is still upset that we wouldn't play her waiting (for what?) game & sees us as rule breakers, b/c I stood up for this exception. I'd like to ask for prayer here: that this is the ONLY drama we experience this year, and that God would soften the VP of Cheer's heart & revamp our working relationship. We have polar opposite personalities; pray that God would better equip me to deflect & handle her pessimism in a proactive & productive way that builds new harmony in our leadership and dissolves the current climate of fatalistic discouragement & cynicism.


  1. Whoa - love that last sentence - sounds all business professional :) Seriously, though, hoping that this is the only drama and that the real cheer season is full of victories and blessings!!!

  2. HA! It just poured out that way. I definitely think in more professional jargon when I'm thinking about committee work & my outside-the-fam obligations. :-D
    Thank you for your prayers!!!

  3. Total ugh re: cheer issues. I totally agree with you to be honest with people up front, based on what you know at the time. Otherwise feelings get hurt and people get upset…hopefully things work out with that lady.


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