Practice Piglet: This Is My Life

Always something interesting at football & cheer practice! Last Tuesday after practice ended at 7:30, we watched the International Space Station fly over our practice field at 7:31. [Find when it flies over you here!]

Thursday, a football mom brought their new family pet piglet!!! It loved me!

This last pic is my life in a nutshell. I absolutely love it. Blurry, red-eyed, fun & happy, in a pile of football players & cheerleaders, mothering & balancing something unique & special... ♥


  1. A friend of mine wants a pet piglet...I never quite understood that, but I have to admit that the one you're holding is kinda cute!!

  2. I never really got it, either...but this one was SOOO CUTE & sweet!!! I told the owner I'd pig sit, if they ever went on vacay! :-D


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