Tumble + Fly

I looooove watching Annelise tumble...

I think the fact that I'm terrified to attempt even a cartwheel enhances my wonder. :-P This is nothing that "mommy can do, too." Unlike singing, dancing, or even schoolwork, I have no personal experience from which to share tips or critiques. I got nothing...but awe! :-D

Running round-off back handspring:

I also love that she's such a solid flyer on our cheer squad! I can't show nepotism & pick her for every stunt, but when the competition cheer coach picked her to fly highest in our big stunt a few weeks ago, it was clear that she's the best for the job: she has her 3rd grade maturity in a 1st grade-size body. Being a peanut is a big bonus! Stunting in the moonlight:


  1. Both of my girls did gymnastics for awhile and it was so fun to watch them - since their mommy has none of those moves, either!! :)

  2. She just amazes me every time! I love that she can do these things that I can't & never could! :-D


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