Miracle of Sight


Annelise got a rather strong eyeglass prescription three years ago. We were shocked her eyes were so bad with no signs from her whatsoever. (A Georgia school screening discovered it!) She got glasses to wear while doing schoolwork (not all day) and honestly didn't wear them vigilantly. This April at her 8 year well-check, the nurse mentioned some improvement; I was pleased, but didn't think too much of it, b/c it wasn't in-depth. Last week, she mentioned her vision being blurry while wearing her glasses in school. My stomach dropped: had her eyes had gotten so bad now, her glasses didn't even help?!?! I scheduled the quickest OD appointment possible - yay for the kids having this Monday off school!

We went back to the same OD from when we first moved here, since she had a record of Annelise's eyes. She had Annelise read lines of letters with her glasses on. She struggled. It broke my heart. I pretended she had done well, but my insides churned...

She then read the lines with her glasses off.

And she got *every* letter right. I was stunned...and a little confused. What did the OD do to those letters to make them different?

Nothing. Annelise can't see clearly with her glasses B/C SHE DOESN'T NEED THEM!!!!! Her eyes have improved to 20/20 in her left eye and 20/30 in the right!!!!!!!!! ♥ AMAZING!!!!!!!!! ♥ The OD was shocked & thrilled with us, too! She's going to have one last pair of schoolwork-only glasses now for that light correction in her right eye, but she doesn't even really need it. Thanking God for healing my Peach Pie! ♥

And since this is a post of joy, let me also share that before our OD appointment, the kids had to come with me to teach my Zumba class. Will went to Kids Play, but Annelise wanted to do my class with me! (She never wants to miss Kids Play - I was honored! :-)) ♥ I let her up onstage with me after class was officially over:


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