Thursday, July 31, 2014

School Supply Christmas in July

School is still a month away, but we got almost all our school supplies on Tuesday! #ChristmasForAnnelise

I like the way our school system handles this: you have the choice to buy a prepackaged bundle or you can go buy all of your own. I don't do the bundle, b/c it's more expensive than you can do on your own, and I looooove buying school supplies. :-D They make the supply lists by grade & school, revise them every year, & release them at the beginning of the summer, so you really only need to get what they truly plan to use in your school for your grade. We're rising 3rd & 5th now, and this year's bundles were $67.76 for 3rd & $70.31 for 5th. I spent $66.94 today for almost everything for both grades total. (Still need to get white & manila 12"x18" paper packs and an expandable folder for Sis, b/c she didn't find one she liked.)

Can you see the color themes? Will: red + black = Falcons! Annelise: purple + turquoise = Frozen!

I was excited, Annelise was excited, Will was...resigned. ;-) (He likes supplies; he does NOT like thinking about the end of summer.) Starting next week, cheer & football kick into high gear, so we had to get this done now!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Off My Wall: Sbux, Astros, Cheer, Sew, Tumble

Random shareworthies for the week on my mind and off my FB wall:

* And this is love: waking up on a Saturday to your beloved handing you a Sbux chai... Good morning!!!
[My *AMAZING* husband does this for me *EVERY WEEKEND* b/c he gets up early & works out at a gym right beside Sbux ♥]

* One of our assistant football coaches gave us Astros tickets for Saturday night:
There was a free Jason Derulo concert afterwards...and this pic pretty much sums up our group's faux hysteria + "huh? who?" reaction:

* Sunday was ALLLL me leading our league Cheer Coach Certification Day. The dance I choreographed & taught everyone wasn't too fast = whew! It's pretty cute; the squad splits in half & copies each other for the chorus. As filmed at another coach's house earlier last week:

* Sewing Superstar Annelise getting her thread on in front of Project Runway:
She wanted to sew while they did. :-D She was making pillowcases for her American Girl dolls. ♥

* Thank goodness for Rainbow Loom: Annelise forgot to put her massive mane of hair up before tumble; at least now we can *ALWAYS* find spare bands in the van...

* Ridiculously thrilled: the lady beside me at tumble was reading her mail & left her Community Impact newspaper for me when she finished = Community Impact is the only mailer with a Kim's Teahouse BOGO coupon!!! That's a whole nother free bubble tea for me! ♥

* Our Saturdays for 3 solid months are being scheduled by random draw this week! Send JB tons of good juju for morning game draws!!! :-D #noafternoonwhammys #footballschedule

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bday #36

My mouth was going from the start 36 years ago... ;-)

Ingredients for a sweet day-before-my-bday: a BFF, fave pizza, flowers, accoutrements, & tiaras!!!

My actual bday was just as sweet: I taught Zumba, and a few precious members stayed after for protein smoothie shots to celebrate:

Even my heart rate monitor wished me a happy birthday! :-D

After Zumba, we met friends at lunch for my favorite tortilla soup:

I got my present when JB got home from work. I was FREEEEEEAKING OUT!!!! My *MOST* beloved REDSKINS are playing my new hometown love Texans here in their regular season NFL opener 9/7...and JB - the best husband EVER - got tickets!!! It will be my *1ST* Skins game IN MY LIFE! I am still bursting!!!

I'm so bowled over by all the wonderful bday wishes on FB, the great insulated tote from JB's parents, Godiva from my BFF Wendy in NC, & cork/gold Jack Rogers Lauren Sandals from my mom. ♥ ♥ ♥ I am a lucky duck!!! And I loooove my bday! The 30's are exponentially better than the 20's! :-D

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cheer Break Update

Taking a quick break for this update from all things cheer - cheer has yet again taken over my life! [If I'm not posting & it's b/t July & Nov, I'm probably drowning in cheer. ;-)] If you missed it earlier this year, I'm now the director of two full divisions of cheer in our youth football league...and I *may* have agreed to possibly take over running the ENTIRE cheer program next year when the current lady's term is up after this season. :-O [More on that, if it actually happens...] I've spent every "free" moment on my phone or laptop replying to parents, recruiting cheer coaches (I recruited a RECORD number *10* new coaches last week!!!), building squads, and trying to coordinate reassigning girls whose initial squads aren't going to fill. It's like a giant puzzle to get them as close to home as possible (squads are formed by school areas...and we have *37* elementary schools in our town - yes, THIRTY-SEVEN!!! We're officially the fastest growing zip code in America,) and find a coach willing & qualified to lead each squad. Oh, and I still have my own Falcons squad to prep with NINETEEN girls this year!!! (Most squads have 5-8 girls. :-P) So that's where I am. I'm also running our Cheer Coach Certification Day this coming Sunday - teaching practice tips, warm-ups, motions, cheers, & a new halftime dance I created (so cute! I'll share when it's posted on YouTube!) to all the cheer coaches in the league, and then our regular practices begin in a week & a half.

So what's been going on non-cheer the last week or so?

I served on Praise Team the last two Sundays in a row = happy! Esp. happy to sing with one of my fave friends this past week:

We used our "Kids Bowl Free" coupons for the very first time in TWO YEARS last Thursday:
I feel so silly that we never went once last year now. It's such a good deal!

Will had Tackling Camp last Friday-Sunday evenings. It couldn't have been more gorgeous weather for TX in July: 85°F, calming clouds, sweet breeze = heaven... LOVED being back out on the sidelines watching him. Our Friday Night Lights:

Last Saturday morning, we got to hang out with the NFL Houston Texans cheerleaders at our youth league's USA Football Heads Up Tackling Clinic - very cool!!!

(OK, so that wasn't non-cheer...but it wasn't *MY* cheer :-D ;-))

The biggest thing THIS week? MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! It was Wednesday! :-D Dedicated post coming next...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Palm Beach Before the Storm

We have been taking advantage of our LAST FEW football-free weekends until Thanksgiving! (Not kidding: we only have July 26 & Aug 16 free!) We went back to Palm Beach this past Saturday:

Here's my fabulous lounging view...

JB & the kids were in the water park with slides, lazy river, etc. just beyond the palms behind me. Ahhhh...

And then, in the span of 48 hours from Sunday to Tuesday, I swirled back into the cheer committee whirlwind: I recruited *SEVEN* new cheer coaches for new squads in the two divisions I manage!!! I also fixed our printer that's been dead since Sept and completed two required employee trainings for the gym where I teach Zumba. #onfire ;-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Biggest VBS Blessing

Bursting with gratitude overall for VBS ("Agency D3") last week! [Not at our home church, but we've loved this morning VBS for the 3rd summer now (since the week after we moved here!)]

Biggest VBS blessing: Will "officially" prayed to accept Jesus into his life. ♥ He's always believed & openly asked questions, so I've wondered over all these years of VBS & Sunday School when he'd be old enough to decide for himself that it's true, instead of just something his parents say. I have loved talking to him re: what he thinks & why!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Schoko Müsli

Gott sei dank! Kölln Schoko Müsli für mich - direkt aus Deutschland! Meine Lieblings-Müsli, meine Lieblings-Marke, genau wie ich erinnere mich. Überglücklich!!! Genießen...

A precious friend of mine here went to Germany (Passau) last month & brought me back a box of my FAVE chocolate müsli cereal that you just cannot buy in the US. I've searched high & low; we have every other flavor of müsli in the world available...but not this style of basic chocolate. It makes me SO happy!!! It tastes *exactly* like I remember, sitting in my apartment in Wurzburg...

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th Champs

Just like we did last year, our youth football & cheer squad decorated & rode on a float in a local 4th of July parade...

...and for the 2nd year in a row, we won "Best Overall Float"!!! There were a ton of entries, as well, (we were a little nervous, to be honest ;-)) but we defended our title!

Now, how to top it for next year? I'm thinking intermittent choreographed dance routine stops...