Off My Wall: Sbux, Astros, Cheer, Sew, Tumble

Random shareworthies for the week on my mind and off my FB wall:

* And this is love: waking up on a Saturday to your beloved handing you a Sbux chai... Good morning!!!
[My *AMAZING* husband does this for me *EVERY WEEKEND* b/c he gets up early & works out at a gym right beside Sbux ♥]

* One of our assistant football coaches gave us Astros tickets for Saturday night:
There was a free Jason Derulo concert afterwards...and this pic pretty much sums up our group's faux hysteria + "huh? who?" reaction:

* Sunday was ALLLL me leading our league Cheer Coach Certification Day. The dance I choreographed & taught everyone wasn't too fast = whew! It's pretty cute; the squad splits in half & copies each other for the chorus. As filmed at another coach's house earlier last week:

* Sewing Superstar Annelise getting her thread on in front of Project Runway:
She wanted to sew while they did. :-D She was making pillowcases for her American Girl dolls. ♥

* Thank goodness for Rainbow Loom: Annelise forgot to put her massive mane of hair up before tumble; at least now we can *ALWAYS* find spare bands in the van...

* Ridiculously thrilled: the lady beside me at tumble was reading her mail & left her Community Impact newspaper for me when she finished = Community Impact is the only mailer with a Kim's Teahouse BOGO coupon!!! That's a whole nother free bubble tea for me! ♥

* Our Saturdays for 3 solid months are being scheduled by random draw this week! Send JB tons of good juju for morning game draws!!! :-D #noafternoonwhammys #footballschedule


  1. Hope those morning games work out!! :)

  2. Was the game fun, do they have stuff for younger kids to do? Lauren will get bored but my husband wants all to go so bad. I was looking at tickets the cheapest ticket was like $45 seems so high but he loves baseball.

  3. We ended up with only one coveted 10 AM game and six out of nine at noon or 2 PM!!! Boooooooo. :-P :-D

    Katie, Lauren would definitely be bored. :-P We all get really into live sporting events, so Will & Annelise were fine, but I admit I FBed a couple bad innings. ;-) I didn't notice any specific kid activities. We think the tickets are $$$, too, so we only go ~once a year when JB gets free ones through friends or work. :-D


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