Cheer Break Update

Taking a quick break for this update from all things cheer - cheer has yet again taken over my life! [If I'm not posting & it's b/t July & Nov, I'm probably drowning in cheer. ;-)] If you missed it earlier this year, I'm now the director of two full divisions of cheer in our youth football league...and I *may* have agreed to possibly take over running the ENTIRE cheer program next year when the current lady's term is up after this season. :-O [More on that, if it actually happens...] I've spent every "free" moment on my phone or laptop replying to parents, recruiting cheer coaches (I recruited a RECORD number *10* new coaches last week!!!), building squads, and trying to coordinate reassigning girls whose initial squads aren't going to fill. It's like a giant puzzle to get them as close to home as possible (squads are formed by school areas...and we have *37* elementary schools in our town - yes, THIRTY-SEVEN!!! We're officially the fastest growing zip code in America,) and find a coach willing & qualified to lead each squad. Oh, and I still have my own Falcons squad to prep with NINETEEN girls this year!!! (Most squads have 5-8 girls. :-P) So that's where I am. I'm also running our Cheer Coach Certification Day this coming Sunday - teaching practice tips, warm-ups, motions, cheers, & a new halftime dance I created (so cute! I'll share when it's posted on YouTube!) to all the cheer coaches in the league, and then our regular practices begin in a week & a half.

So what's been going on non-cheer the last week or so?

I served on Praise Team the last two Sundays in a row = happy! Esp. happy to sing with one of my fave friends this past week:

We used our "Kids Bowl Free" coupons for the very first time in TWO YEARS last Thursday:
I feel so silly that we never went once last year now. It's such a good deal!

Will had Tackling Camp last Friday-Sunday evenings. It couldn't have been more gorgeous weather for TX in July: 85°F, calming clouds, sweet breeze = heaven... LOVED being back out on the sidelines watching him. Our Friday Night Lights:

Last Saturday morning, we got to hang out with the NFL Houston Texans cheerleaders at our youth league's USA Football Heads Up Tackling Clinic - very cool!!!

(OK, so that wasn't non-cheer...but it wasn't *MY* cheer :-D ;-))

The biggest thing THIS week? MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! It was Wednesday! :-D Dedicated post coming next...


  1. I've been out of town and am just now catching up on my blog reading - so Happy Belated Birthday!! Look forward to reading about how you celebrated!

  2. First of all happy belated birthday!!! you all have been busy too :) thank you for always leaving sweet comments too.
    ps do you have instagram?

  3. Thanks, y'all!!! :-)

    I don't have instagram...but I'm considering it. I don't know. I know I'd *LOVE* it...but I don't need to succumb to another social media time-suck, either. :-P I am a total FB addict. :-D


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