July Life

July life is still 80% cheer, 10% Zumba, 5% Praise Team, and 5% down time. :-P On the cheer front, I *DID* get coaches recruited for ALL 34 cheer squads I'm running and they're all up to the minimum number of girls, our Cheer Coach Certification Day on 7/25 is planned out, our Cheer Camp (8/8) dance & cheer we're also performing at Opening Ceremonies on 8/15 are choreographed, our major uniform orders are in, and now we're trying to get all of the stragglers to registration measured for their uniforms, along with fielding nonstop parent & coach questions. :-D Eventually, I need to work on some stuff for my own Falcons squad...but I'm not worried...yet. ;-) I realized I don't feel super inspired for cheer choreo right now (beyond the Camp dance) b/c I have Zumba choreo I need to do first for my *actual job* - the one at the gym that actually PAYS me! :-D

Randoms from the other 5%:

I went beast-mode housewife (in a dress, no less! I think I was channeling The Astronaut Wives Club :-D Hey, it was comfy!) on the big bush in front of our house. It had grown up to the top of the windows!!!

I've been CRAVING Pondi Bars since my mom & I discovered them back in April, so I decided after Zumba on Monday, since we were already halfway into the city, that THAT was the day!!! Mmmmmmm... Soooooo good! I also got my fave chocolate chili cookies, and Annelise got this mason jar trifle with lemon curd, fresh cut mango, housemade granola, and freshly whipped cream:

Will had football conditioning camp from 6-8 PM this last week. (Tackling camp is this coming week.) I worked our league Board duty, and (as you can obviously see! :-P) the breeze was great!!!
(OK, so that was still football league stuff, so not really the other 5%. :-D)

Guess what this week is, though?!?!? MY BIRTHDAY IS THURSDAY!!! Hello, 37 on Thursday!!!!! Bring on the hoopla! ;-)


  1. Happy early birthday!! Hope it's a great week!

  2. well happy happy birthday. I always enjoy wearing dresses in the summer, they are so much cooler. just letting you know my blog went private and sent your invite. hope it works


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