Quiet 37

My birthday last week was the quietest of my life. We had a volunteering session that morning at Lunches of Love (which *was* rewarding! I didn't plan for it to be on my bday; that was just the day that worked for everyone else) with Will's best school friends & a bunch of my cheerleaders:
It was work: packing 3,200 lunches for kids who wouldn't otherwise get a regular meal with school being out = huge.

We went to grab a bite of Vietnamese about 3 PM, before Will had football camp, and I had a Cheer Committee meeting that night:

That was it. JB left before dawn Friday morning - Sunday to visit friends from Chicago.

I did get two presents, though: a Starbucks card from JB's parents, and Godiva chocolate from Wendy!!! SO THANKFUL!!! Absolutely made my week!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


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