Sleep-Away Camp

Will & Annelise went to their FIRST sleep-away camp together last week! (It was Will's 2nd camp, but his 1st in TX & 1st with his sister. :-)) They attended PreTeen Camp at Highland Lakes on Lake Travis outside Austin with our church, Sunday - Wednesday. (It's for kids having completed 3rd-5th grades = the only opportunity they'd ever have to go together. :-))

Heading out:

They didn't take cameras, but I did get to see a tiny glimpse of a few activities via the camp's FB site!

Apparently, Will got into the photo booth:

Annelise rocked this game ("Get Back to Back") during worship that ALL ~200 campers started out playing...and that she & one other boy ended up tying to win!

Will playing water dodge ball:


Water sliding - the pool was her fave part of camp:

Will's favorite part of camp was shooting bb guns and riding the banana boats in the lake. :-)

Annelise prayed & asked Jesus into her heart Tuesday night. ♥ ♥ ♥ She has always believed & openly asked questions, so I wondered when she'd decide for herself that it's true, instead of just something her parents say. I am loving talking to her about what this means to her.



  1. So very excited to read about Annelise's decision to accept Jesus!! Looks like they both had a great time at camp!

  2. They truly did! I am so thankful!!! :-)


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