The Party's Over

We lost Saturday. Severely crushed...and sunburnt. :-P It tears me up to think that this was Will's last football game where I officially coach his sister to cheer for him. I'm not ready to focus on the bright side, yet... (but when I am, I know that it's my beautiful squad, who did a great job, who will love Turf Bowl practices still this week & will dazzle our Turf Bowl performance for our 3rd place trophies with our boys this coming Sunday.)

This Falcons Family has been the only family we have had here in Texas...and I am so thankful...

Of course, I'm still in & running the cheer show; but this was Will's last youth football year, b/c starting in 7th grade, he'll play for his Junior High. This was the last game for this team we've been with for years. Next year, my girls (13 of 16 are all younger; Annelise will be the oldest) will have to find a new team to cheer for - not a problem, but it won't be our full family unit, anymore, without Will playing & JB head coaching him. *sniff*

It *WAS* truly a LIFE'S DREAM FULFILLED that we got to share these years as a complete family unit, united in coaching & participating all together!!! We came from years of very minimal family this! What a tremendous answer to prayer!!!

We had our team party on Sunday at one of the players' family ranch - gorgeous! For their coach gift, the team gave us this massive metal shield they had designed & crafted with every football player & cheerleader's signature sealed in it. It's a showpiece!!!

I have 3 "graduating seniors" (6th graders) on my squad whom I am going to miss SO MUCH!!! (I need to recruit some new older girls to base & back spot Annelise in all those high flying extension stunts! :-P)

The "big girls" getting to fly...and lifting me up, too. :-)

OK. Time to focus on me running our division-wide Turf Bowl dance!


  1. Wow - this really was the end of an era!! So glad y'all got to enjoy these experiences as a family. Hope all goes well for your cheerleaders at the Turf Bowl!!

  2. Thank you!!! It's really been a big deal!!!!!

  3. I *wish* Abby could have enjoyed this type of leadership in her early experiences with organized sports. The fact that you guys take this seriously (not "psychotic" but "professional") makes such a difference to every child and parent that encounters the Falcons family in KYF. The Blakes are a true blessing.

  4. Omigosh - THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying this!!!


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