Thankfuls of Late

Thankfuls of late: I got pulled pork barbeque & hot now Krispy Kreme while choreographing 6 different Turf Bowl dances together with my Cheertators = delicious extreme productivity & teamwork! I choreoed new Zumba, as well. (I worry about letting Zumba slide when cheer is so intensive, but not this year!) I discovered the joy of kinesiology tape for my sore, strained medial deltoid!!! I enjoyed lunch & restaurant exploring one day with another BFF. I got to chaperone Will's choir field trip to a high school show choir production. The kids helped clean up the house one day. Bonnie Blue beagle got out of our yard (lawn guy left the gate open) and a neighbor boy brought her home! I got to take a "Yin Yoga + Massage" workshop = HEAVEN!!! My right turn signal went out; our auto guy fixed it for FREE *AAAND* banged out several dents from when a blown tire in front of us on I-10 hit the front & side a year & a half ago! (They were just cosmetic, so I didn't want to pay $$$$$ to fix on such an old van...but I *hate* that damage, & he made it look MUCH LESS WORSE!)

I'm also thankful Annelise was chosen to give the introduction in her 4th grade musical, "At The Bandstand", last week! They did three shows on Thursday, and she spoke so clearly & with enthusiasm! #proudtheatremama