God Lesson Through Zumba

I had opposite spectrum experiences at Zumba this past week...

On Monday, I went out for sweets at Sweet after class with one of my members:
She had invited me several weeks ago, just saying she'd love to get coffee and talk - so nice. :-) To be honest, I was a little nervous - it was like going on a date with a new friend! :-D But I'm so glad I went - we actually talked for over two full hours. She's such a faithful regular attendee, I'm glad I made the effort to further connect with her.

So then Thursday... I was asked to sub at my normal, happy club for the Thursday class. It's kind of stupid, but my confidence was shaken a little bit. I had two women walk out of the class before I even started teaching, because they don't like me, they like the regular lady at that time; then half the class straight up gave me the stink eye for the first 6 songs. :-O I was so shocked that I could feel actual negative judgment! I've NEVER felt that subbing another Zumba class before. EVER. By the end, it was definitely happier, but whoa... I like being known as the harder teacher that you can't be lazy with, (this regular lady has the reputation of being lower impact & easy) but I can't stand it when people don't love me. It's one of my biggest character flaws. I know it's completely impossible to be everyone's cup of tea, but I guess I was just so shocked at actively receiving so much negativity. It was stupidly hard to shake off.

...But God swooped in with the best reaffirming love - not only did I receive this word from someone I trust, but I then got to pass it on to my BFF who not 2 hours later needed the same loving counsel!!!
Whatever that unresolved negativity you encounter is, it's all THEM - it has nothing to do with you, because you've done your best here. That's what God asks of us, so we have to give the rest to Him. We can't heal their attitudes or hearts. It's so hard for us not to be able to fix a situation, but I think God lets us experience things like these sometimes, to purposely refocus our faith in His action, instead of on anything we can do ourselves to fix it.

I know I'm gifted for what I do. I don't have to take their negativity. I trust that God has me where He needs me, and I'll keep doing my best. :-)


  1. What a wonderful quote to encourage you just when you needed it!!


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