Annual NC Pilgrimage: Overview {1 of 3}

We spent the last week in North Carolina on our requisite annual pilgrimage. Bonnie Blue tried to block my early packing efforts :-D
When the kids were little, packing was the biggest trip struggle - it was like going on safari! :-P Now, it's getting all of our obligations handled or put on hold (Annelise had to get an official absence waiver from cheer approved, Will missed a week of junior high football camp, it took me 3 weeks to find Zumba subs, it's the most intense time in my cheer program's registration period, etc.) - it's hard to leave in the summer now, esp. every year the kids get more committed, so we have to enjoy & revel in EVERY SECOND!!! ❤️

As usual, vacay was heavily focused on food! :-D Inizio Pizza was AMAZING our first night:

We smoked two giant pork shoulders for barbeque dinner another day #smellslikerodeobbqcookoff

I had to make time to work out a little literally EVERY DAY - life is all about balance, and I'm so thankful I didn't dig myself into a deep hole! I did this YouTube video a couple times, the kids & I used the fitness center in the hotel we stayed in one night & the next morning in the mountains, I got to do a workout with my BFF, Wendy:
And I even got to take *AND TEACH* a Zumba class!!! I went with my friend (who's also my parents' neighbor) to her regular class; she had told the instructor that I'm also an instructor, so they asked if I'd teach half the class! OF COURSE!!! :-)

Yay for actually finding & achieving balance between eating insane amounts of crazy food and not shame spiraling or feeling awful! :-D :-P

Our two big excursions (the mountains & Charleston) have their own posts, but we also made more kids' dreams come true around town: Joe Gibbs Racing shop (their fave NASCAR drivers & my ÜBERFAVE NFL coach ‪#‎httr‬) Shop & awe...
With Kyle Busch's latest Texas trophy! #texasrepresent

Our last night in NC, my other grade school BFF came down to my parents' for dinner with all our family. I love seeing our kids grow together each year!


  1. I know it's nice to come home from vacation having hit that right balance between consuming calories and burning them! :) Glad you got to catch up with some friends!!

  2. It's probably the FIRST time I've EVER found that balance!!! :-D


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