First Day/Last Day 4th & 6th

YAY FOR SUMMER VACAY!!! Look at how they grew this year... (It was mostly just the last 3 months, too! :-O) First day/last day:

Will has suddenly gotten so broad & wide!!!
His BFF on our football & basketball teams was like his twin: both short little blonde kids. His mom & I could hardly tell them apart on the basketball court just this Jan/Feb... And then all of a sudden, really over spring break, he broadened out! When they started 7-on-7 in Mar/Apr, I was stunned to see them together!

Annelise is all muscle & gets stronger daily! (Thank you, cheer! :-D)


  1. They've both really grown this year!

  2. They have grown! I should start taking before and after pictures like that, too! :)

  3. I am truly shocked at the differences! Every year before, there was a little change, but nothing dramatic. This was so stunning!!!


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