Summer Start

Our summer is PACKED! We don't have "little kid summer" anymore, where you wake up each day wondering, "Hmmmmm... What could we do?" #1 - That would drive us insane, not relax us. #2 - It's way more exciting to have the ability to GO & DO!

Will is at his first week of strength & conditioning camp for junior high football. It runs the next six weeks, Mon-Thurs, two hours a day. LOVELOVELOVE! So far, running laps up the stairs, through the halls, & down the stairs inside the high school (107°F heat index, so inside), lifting weights (he's learning how little he can bench & squat starting out! :-D), and push-ups.

Cheer doesn't stop over the summer, either. Annelise's Extreme squad is having theme weeks and get-togethers outside of the gym:

Our first summer weekend, we had an ALL-DAY family tailgate with our friends before the Jimmy Buffett concert! We grilled brisket, jerk chicken wings, & ribs!!! Mmmmm...
The actual concert was a blast - I hadn't been to Buffett in exactly 21 years!!! :-D The kids feel cool now that they know how to do Fins up, and they can sing "Cheeseburger in Paradise". Crazy awesome amazing bonus: JJ Watt came onstage & played the bongos during "Margaritaville"!!! We FREEEEEEEEAKED OUT!!!!!!!!! (There's video in that link, too! ;-))

My rec cheer program I run volunteered last week at Lunches of Love. We packed literally THOUSANDS of bag lunches for kids who wouldn't otherwise get a meal that day. ❤️

We have succumbed to summer mango madness at Trader Joe's!!! Most excited for grilled jerk chicken skewers with mango chutney and a tropical mango salad kit with cashews, dried mango pieces, & toasted coconut chips to toss in the greens with a mango-tamarind-cashew dressing. Next trip: mango & strawberry flatbread, mango coconut pudding, and mango ginger seed crisps! (We also got by-the-door parking & TWO full-size free samples (Chimes mango ginger chews & giant molten salted butterscotch macarons, b/c I'm their #1 fan! :-D))

Sunday singing! ‪#‎praise

Finally, I had to share: THIS. IS. MY. LIFE. (& is why I don't bother really cleaning.)


  1. We've also graduated from the "little kid" summers - but we enjoy these summers just like y'all are doing! Have a great weekend!


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