My Morning - Two Perspectives

My July 10th morning - two perspectives:

Had to wake up at 3:45 AM (2:45 TX time) to fly home. Cut it too close on time. CLT doesn't have the nice Southwest self-check kiosks, so it took longer. Security line was insane. No way we'd make the gate before boarding began. Icing on the cake: poor Will accidentally packed his cap gun from Tweetsie Railroad in his carry on. Holy horror. We shut down security. The police had to come to even open his bag. Annelise was bawling; Will was so scared, sorry, & shaking, he couldn't even talk. He was certain he was going to be arrested; I was afraid we would be needlessly detained in some back room somewhere. I was mortified & freaking over the time. It took forever!!! When we were finally cleared, they had to throw away his gun, b/c we didn't have time to check it. We sprinted through the airport, desperately trying to catch our flight. Poor Annelise's backpack came open while we were running, and her beloved stuffed red panda fell out. Greater hysterics & more delay. On the plane: very back row against the bathroom. 20 people rubbing up against me on their ways in & out of the potty. Ick!!! No chance of sleeping - the flight crew right behind my head wouldn't shut up about Icelandic Air vs Ethiopia Air and apartments in Chicago. I couldn't believe I still had to be with it enough to teach Zumba that morning & PiYo late that afternoon...

Sooo thankful my parents could drive us to the airport at 4 AM their time! Thankful we maximized our sleep time as much as possible. Thankful we didn't have wasted time sitting in the airport. Thankful the police officer who arrived to open Will's bag was such a kind dad who tried to calm Will down with the story of how his own son packed a huge Rambo knife in his own carry on last summer, so he knew exactly how this felt. Thankful we weren't detained literally half a minute longer. Thankful for strong, healthy legs that hauled to our gate in time to board just before the doors closed. Thankful to get a row together, even if it was the very back. Thankful for Will resting on my shoulder the whole way and that Annelise napped a bit. Thankful for honey roasted peanuts (not the plain salted) & streaming the Today show on the flight (b/c our last one had neither.) Thankful for the gorgeous sunrise we raced the whole flight west. Thankful JB picked us up here from baggage claim and that he was working from home, so we could see him more. Thankful that my body was able to teach my classes that day and that I got to get back on track after vacay...and that "back on track" means gym *&* bubble tea!!! #godblesstexas


  1. It's wonderful that you are able to see both the good and the difficult from your morning!


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